We. Are. Different!

Why Choose IronHorse Roof Systems

If you can’t tell already, I take strict pride in my business and customers. I have found homeowners do not know who to trust in this space and thus I am your greatest asset and partner. Experience, honesty and integrity is what makes us different.

I offer a 12-Year Workmanship Warranty and no job is considered complete until YOU are 100% satisfied! That is my confidence in our work! Each job is customized to you, and my operating rhythm is as follows:

Step 1: Understand

My job is to fully ensure I complrehend your needs to meet your expectations. I'll meet you at your home or business to thoroughly understand your concerns/vision with questions and solutions. I will always provide honest feedback and analysis. We will discuss everything from materials to colors, communication expectations and completion time.

Step 2: Communicate

This is key!You are trusting us to work on your home/business and I will ensure you feel comfortable with the work we are completing!I want you to feel as confident in our work as I do!End of day walk-arounds and explanations of all work completed! My phone is also always on during the day!

Step 3: Insurance?

If applicable, I will personally handle all the "fun" paperwork!My job is to make this worry-free for you!I'll ensure everything is collected and submitted properly to avoid any potential mishaps between you and insurance.

Step 4: We Get To Work!

You sit back and let us get to it!My crew is professional, candid, and highly experienced.Our job is not complete until YOU are 100% satisfied!I hold high standards towards cleanliness on the inside and outside of homes/businesses! Once we leave for the day, you will not know we were there!

Step 5: Your Neighbors Are Envious

Step 5: Your Neighbors Are Envious Say "hello" to your new curb appeal!You'll be a part of our growing family of happy clients! Always know I am only a phone call away for any future needs or questions.Please leave us an honest review online of your experience! I love your feedback and our future customers trust your comments!

Do You Now See Why You Should Choose IronHorse?

I did my best to illustrate what makes us different, but if you have any questions or concerns at all, PLEASE do not hesitate to reach out via call, text, or email! All I ask is for you to give me a chance to meet and qualify your needs. I won't let you down.

Thank you,
- Brandon Crouch (Owner)